Sometimes highly inspired.
Always ones own worst critic.
Jack, master of none.

- I am.

On show.
You’ll judge,
But I’ll grow.

- Lahlia is me.

Trust in oneself.
Own instincts.
Own beliefs.

- This is mostly me..

Have a look see,
I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think..
And just cos i like box doesn’t mean there’s only one i fit in.

I like what i like.
I post what is me.
I reblog what i blatantly love or agree.

bats come out of caves...


prolly older than you. writes a lot. plays a lot. multi-instrumentalist. mostly self taught. artist of some kinds. perfectionist at all times. full of expression. loadsa passion. and many a self conscious navigation.        …also way too honest it seems?

                                                     emotionally & lyrically INTENSE - i say what i mean and mean what i say„,

           III    this is my outlet    III    this is my throwing myself out there    III    this is here for me    III    & you„,   IF you enjoy it too    III

“…Self taught, mostly by ear, but always all heart.
Feels beats, slaps strings, hits keys, squeels themes.
I’m mainly my own rhythm section it seems…” - lahlia