Sometimes highly inspired.
Always ones own worst critic.
Jack, master of none.

- I am.

On show.
You’ll judge,
But I’ll grow.

- Lahlia is me.

Trust in oneself.
Own instincts.
Own beliefs.

- This is mostly me..

Have a look see,
I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think..
And just cos i like box doesn’t mean there’s only one i fit in.

I like what i like.
I post what is me.
I reblog what i blatantly love or agree.

bats come out of caves...

So what
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I hurt no one but me
But that said„
Who said honesty is always the best policy

I always seem to have to beg to please
But it’s not me.
And you’re not deserving -if that’s the way you’re gonna be.

I no longer have patience for anything„
Let alone another fleeting.
And I won’t give it away„ for just anybody’s keeping.
Sorry if i bend at the knees -with a certain greeting„
But that’s me„ and you simply get what you’re seeing.

And just like anyone else, under all -I’m just a fragile being.

Bones hang off my closet shelf„ and my hearts had many a break in
Therefore I’ve learnt„ patches aren’t just for quilts and nicotine craving…

— lahlia

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