Sometimes highly inspired.
Always ones own worst critic.
Jack, master of none.

- I am.

On show.
You’ll judge,
But I’ll grow.

- Lahlia is me.

Trust in oneself.
Own instincts.
Own beliefs.

- This is mostly me..

Have a look see,
I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think..
And just cos i like box doesn’t mean there’s only one i fit in.

I like what i like.
I post what is me.
I reblog what i blatantly love or agree.

bats come out of caves...

yep. she quit! :(

meaning i will not see her gorgeous face smiling everyday. even if we didn’t always get to catch eyes„  i would still get to see her.

BUT„ there was perfect timing in running into her before she finished for the night. had a great chat. she said again that she always looks out for me„ and mentioned that we just never catch each other„ we’re staying in touch and hanging out again soon?

ugh. so so pretty. i can’t help it. she’s totally adorable.

and THEN„ she winks at me again… *melts*