Sometimes highly inspired.
Always ones own worst critic.
Jack, master of none.

- I am.

On show.
You’ll judge,
But I’ll grow.

- Lahlia is me.

Trust in oneself.
Own instincts.
Own beliefs.

- This is mostly me..

Have a look see,
I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think..
And just cos i like box doesn’t mean there’s only one i fit in.

I like what i like.
I post what is me.
I reblog what i blatantly love or agree.

bats come out of caves...

The Hi-Fi Academy !!! - Live production courses @ The Hi-Fi, Melbourne

The Hi-Fi is excited to present THE HI-FI ACADEMY

Introducing Australia’s best career path in Live Music!

Take your place in the live audio hot-seat and learn from the best live techs in the game… live! The Hi-Fi now offers audio engineering courses right in the venue and online business courses that are government funded for eligible students.

Mix It With The Best!


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